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Hello, World!

I am the Junque Woman.  It is my blessing, curse, strength, affliction, etc. that I cannot throw ANYTHING away IF there is a chance that someone (myself included) somewhere MIGHT have a use for it SOOOMMMMEEEEDay; thus the name is explained.   I would clarify that I am NOT a HOARDER: I do not have stacks of various items in my home; Magazines and newspapers are not on my list of endangered species; my rescue items are stored (somewhat orderly) in storeage buildings.  During my younger years, items had a way of deleting themselves.  I could not seem to hold on to them.  My middle years witnessed a marked improvement in the skill of  “Salvage & Save”; My current stage of life enables me to rescue and distribute discarded items (either through resale or donation).

From this brief description, it could be determined that I object to the “Throw-Away” society we US’ers have become.  Granted, retail business profits from this attitude; but, one has to ask if this much waste is really worth the ultimate scope of land-fills and trash dumps.